Pool Areas

Dive Into a World of Fun or Enjoy Some Floating Relaxation – In Total Safety.

We help you to take the best care of your pool by designing, installing and maintaining custom paving solutions.

Why Pool Areas?

Backyard pools are the ultimate feel-good addition to any house. They enable you and your family to cool down on the hottest summer days, sunbathe on a floating mat, and even keep in great shape all year round.

But to make sure that the area surrounding your pool is as safe and attractive as possible, you need to consider a paving solution.

Read on to discover how we can help you with that.

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KRW Designs

Whether you already know exactly what type of paving stones you are going to need for your pool area, or if you prefer to receive some professional, personalized advice, KRW can help you to design the best and most suitable paving for you.

KRW Installs

Once we have a design ready, we will proceed with installing your pool area paving. Our pavers are slip-resistant, which means they are perfectly safe to walk on as soon as you get out of your pool.

KRW Maintains

Maintaining your pool area paving is not a difficult job, especially if you choose a professional company like us. However, we recommend resealing your pavers once every two years, as well as keeping them reasonably clean on a daily basis.

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